How To Make Blogger Blog HTTPS (SSL) Enabled For free

Yes! You read it right. Now you can use HTTPS (SSL) in your blogger blog without paying anything. Google started HTTPs support for its Blogger platform but now Google only support non custom domain blogs means if your blog using .blogspot domain name then you can use

How To Use Two WhatsApp Accounts In One Android Smartphone

Hey, readers! As we all know WhatsApp is one of the most popular messenger app that also lets you share pictures, videos, music and so on. By now everyone of us have WhatsApp in our smartphone. World getting smart, so are we. Now a days we are

Top 5 High Paying Best Niches For AdSense

        Adsense is the most trusted and High Paying CPC Ad network used by most bloggers and professional sites. Also you don’t have to worry about ad content because you will get targeted ads related to your content. Adsense ads displayed are related to

How To Check Virus Online By Uploading File

A free online virus scan in pretty much what it sounds like an online based, free scan for virus and other malware. This kind of virus scan differs from traditional virus scanning mainly because the work is all done on server on the internet. My requirement is makes it easier to request money from your friend

PayPal and Payoneer are two services that are life line of the majority of freelancers. This platforms help to make send and receive payments easy from overseas. The pioneer of online payments is aiming to make it easier to send and receive money from friends and colleagues